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Full Name Nicole Varanavage Nicole
Gender female
Age 42
Country US
Province/State AL
Profile Views 2752
Last Profile Update Jan, 23, 2007
Date Signed Up Jan, 23, 2007

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Family and Professional Life
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Exercise Habits
My avg. daily activity level is Lightly Active
My current fitness level is Poor
Why I gave myself this rating:
I don't exercise as much as I should. I barely am able to get two workouts in in a week
I exercise regularly No
Number of days a week I exercise is 2
My intensity level during exercise is Light
Activities preferred in an exercise program:
Walking, Tai Chi/Yoga, Swimming, exercise videos
Fitness Goals
My target weight is 140
I am motivated to get:
Smaller Clothes Size, Improved Health, Cardio Endurance
I most want to improve in these areas:
Abdominals, Arms, Legs, Cardio Fitness
My exercise obstacles or deterrents are:
Not having the time
My initial goals (3 months) are:
Walk at least three days a week
My long range goals (1 year) are:
Walk three days a week and dumbbell work twice a week
Lifestyle & Contact
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Favorite Sports
Favorite Music
Favorite Books
Favorite Show
Favorite Food Anything Italian

About Me
I have a bad vice for food. It tends to take over my life. Not enough exercise to burn off all the calories I eat. I snack too much and watch way too much TV, too. It is a bad combination.