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Old Original Post: 3/11/2008 9:18:37 PM a
Joined On: Dec, 1, 2007
Posts: 84

not bad, but enough to make me want to treat it gingerly. too bad, i was burning up the morning walk. now i'm taking it sloooooow.  
Topic Posted   Reply Post: 3/12/2008 9:44:50 PM
Joined On: Dec, 1, 2007
Posts: 84
Forum Reply Re: hurt-ma-knee

moving right along. doing my best. super tired. hoping its another hormone attack.  

Topic Posted   Reply Post: 3/13/2008 9:26:38 PM
Joined On: Dec, 1, 2007
Posts: 84
Forum Reply Re: hurt-ma-knee

hormones raging. hanging in during uphill learning curve at new job. 3 hour test tomorrow. crazy eating. coffee cookies w/choc. to stay awake, instead of lunch. but i feel okay. i'm busy. my life is full. birthday coming up. one of the big ones that tips me over into senior citizen hood. or so i hear. smile.  

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