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Hello People!!
Old Original Post: 6/19/2007 10:29:28 PM a
Joined On: Jun, 19, 2007
Posts: 4
Hello People!!

Im Angel! Just joined this group and looking forward to getting a Fitness Ball soon! How's everyone?  
Topic Posted   Reply Post: 4/13/2009 11:42:34 AM
Joined On: Apr, 7, 2009
Posts: 8
Forum Reply Re: Hello People!!

Great, I just started using the Fitness Ball and it's awesome for balancing. It's also great for doing workouts. How are you?  

Topic Posted   Reply Post: 7/9/2009 12:43:49 PM
Joined On: Jul, 6, 2009
Posts: 1
Forum Reply Re: Hello People!!

Howdy! I'm new, too, and definitely get the ball!! Great options for little cash with that thing. You'll add core strengthening to everything you do on it, from using it as a 'bench' for armwork, pushups, situps, etc. You can find websites that show different exercises using it, and I'm always amazed by the endless things you can do.

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