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15 minutes a day?
Old Original Post: 9/13/2007 3:39:44 PM a
Joined On: Sep, 5, 2007
Posts: 2
15 minutes a day?

Can 15 minutes a day really bring about loads of results? How? I am erally interested as I have been trying to hit the gym for anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours a day and wonder how 15 minutes would work.
Topic Posted   Reply Post: 9/14/2007 11:10:38 AM
Joined On: Dec, 31, 2006
Posts: 39
Forum Reply Re: 15 minutes a day?

Yes Chris.... If you are performing High Intensity Training regimes both for cardio and weights, you can get maximum results in a minimum amount of time... You can focus on just two muscle groups or even one muscle group at a time with your weight training and do it in a circuit format with NO break between exercises and YES you will get results... The same holds true with cardio.. 15-20 minute intervals will produce fat burning results..... Rob Head Fitness Expert  

Topic Posted   Reply Post: 4/14/2009 11:02:48 AM
Joined On: Apr, 7, 2009
Posts: 8
Forum Reply Re: 15 minutes a day?

I usually do about an hour ,but the 15 minutes a day is an awesome way get in shape in a short amount of time. I can't do 15 minutes a day work outs because then I dont feel like I am doing enough. I really have to lose weight quickly. Do you think doing too many sets will make muscle?  

Topic Posted   Reply Post: 4/22/2009 3:45:48 PM
Joined On: Apr, 22, 2009
Posts: 1
Forum Reply Re: 15 minutes a day?

I 2 am skeptical of 15 min/day having that great of results. I try for 1 hr 5-6 days/wk include cardio, resistance training(total gym-chuck norris machine) stretching & light yoga Have been exercising regularly for about 4 yrs. happy w/results no need to lose lbs ,1-2" from abs would be nice I am more into maintaing, toning, & muscle definition, I do enjoy my workout & need to vary my routine more, so if it can be done in 15 mins, tell me how----please

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